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Welcome to MyHIPAAtraining. Your Training. Your Success.

Registration is easy! Just follow the directions below, then login and begin your training. Upon passing the quiz at the end, your personalized Certificate of Completion will be ready to print, email or save on your computer.

Please fill in the boxes in the Registration area to the left as follows...
  • In the Training ID area, enter the Training ID # given to you by your Company Administrator.
  • In the Course ID area, enter the course number you were assigned by your company Administrator. Only courses pre-purchased by your company are available and you must enter the correct number :
    • HIPAA Basic = 101
    • HIPAA Basic in Spanish = 102
    • HIPAA Advanced = 201
    • HIPAA Masters = 301
    • HIPAA for Business Associates = 401

  • Your First and Last Name should be spelled exactly the way you want your name to appear on your Certificate of Completion.
  • Enter your Email Address if you have one. If you do not have an email address, just leave the area blank.
  • Choose your own User name and Password using four to ten characters for each. These are case sensitive and you must enter them the same way each time you log in.
  • Re-enter your password correctly and check each box carefully. Make sure everything is spelled correctly and the correct Training, Course, and other numbers are filled-in.
  • Now click the Login button to begin your HIPAA Training
  • If you have problems or questions, please contact your Company Administrator or email Support.

Thank You.