HIPAA Group, Inc. is an innovative HIPAA training and consulting organization based in Central Florida. Known for its positive HIPAA philosophy and engaging training experiences, HIPAA Group is leading the way in HIPAA compliance, training, and awareness across the nation.

Since its inception, HIPAA Group has provided the highest caliber HIPAA education, awareness, and training materials.

HIPAA Group is the exclusive HIPAA Training Partner with The University of Central Florida (UCF), where we have trained students, faculty, and the UCF Office of Legal Counsel. UCF is now building one of the nation’s premier medical schools, and HIPAA Group is engaged to make HIPAA training and awareness a key component of the new school’s programs.

Many organizations have welcomed the thoroughness and accuracy of HIPAA Group’s training and compliance materials. We have trained thousands of healthcare professionals to respect (not fear) HIPAA over the years.

From one of the nation’s most prestigious Top 100 hospital systems, all the way down to small physician practices, HIPAA Group leads the way in HIPAA compliance, training, and awareness with concise and engaging programs that people enjoy and remember.

Who We Are
HIPAA Group is a service company specializing in HIPAA training and compliance. We offer practical, affordable solutions for HIPAA compliance. Our Principals and Consultants have extensive, hands-on experience in all areas of HIPAA.

What We Do
We teach people to understand, manage, and succeed with HIPAA. We provide tools and resources to make your HIPAA compliance successful and cost-effective. We can also teach your patients about HIPAA so you and your staff don't have to.

Why We Are the Best
HIPAA Group provides a complete HIPAA compliance methodology. Every component mandated by HIPAA is included. Our unique approach to HIPAA compliance unfolds smoothly within your organization, quietly transforming your non-compliant facilities into a compliant ones. We'll show you how to accomplish HIPAA compliance affordably, and we provide ongoing support to keep you compliant.

Our Mission
HIPAA Group's Mission is to provide the most complete, professional, and valuable HIPAA training and compliance experience for our clients. We aim to be the critical HIPAA resource for our clients, while building the HIPAA Group brand into the most respected name in HIPAA compliance. We build maximum shareholder valuable by delivering maximum client value.